Add knee tucks to plank exercises to strengthen core

Add knee tucks to plank exercises to strengthen core

The greatest exercises for building up your core are definitively isometric ones. They help build up the strength down there as they provide you standing positions to work these areas.  Planking is probably the number one way of strengthening your core and it is always recommended by experts.  However, this is not the only way of getting a solid core.  You can add a little bonus to it. 

Adding knee tucks to your plank exercise will help you lessen the upper back, neck and shoulders pain, improve you posture, and, of course, strengthen your core.  But what are knee tucks.  It is actually pretty simple.  This is how it is done:

  1. Place two towels or disposable plates on the floor (actually, anything that can slide will do; paper plates are great for carpeted floors). Put your feet on each of these towels as you position yourself on your knees ready to plank. 
  2. Position yourself in the plank position as you usually do.
  3. Next, exhale and bring your knees against your chest by sliding your feet with the towel. 
  4. With your hands, move forward and stretch again into the plank position.  Repeat this routine between five to eight times.

Before trying this moving plank, try perfecting it by first practicing the plank without doing the knee tuck.  It is very important for beginners to have practice on positioning themselves on the plank.  You could start by doing the knee tucks without moving necessarily.  Once the exercise is done perfectly, try the repetitions that include moving ahead. 

As a recommendation, try doing knee tucks with one knee at a time.  This actually provides a good isometric exercise that will help you build an even stronger core.  The exercise also helps the heart beating, respiration, and circulation.


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