Five things to do to increase your self-motivation

Five things to do to increase your self-motivation

If you are looking to increase your self-motivation, Maxwell Maltz is the person to study. Dr Maltz was born in New York in 1889. He graduated from Columbia University with a doctorate in medicine in 1923 and became a plastic surgeon. While working as a plastic surgeon, he noticed that oftentimes plastic surgery wasn’t helping people accomplish what they wanted. Because of this, Maltz decided to get a degree in psychology and become an expert in what motivates people.

Here are five things you can do to increase your motivation according to Dr. Maltz:

  1. Discover the success mechanism within you. According to Dr. Maltz, just like a squirrel knows how to prepare for winter without ever seeing winter, we, humans, also have a mechanism inside of us that can guide us to what we want. That mechanism needs to have a goal that you need to imagine as if it already existed or was accomplished.
  2. Get rid of your false beliefs. Often you are not motivated because you think that you can’t accomplish the goal you want. This is a belief that you have acquired, possibly because of trying and not succeeding in the past. You need to realize that you are not your mistakes.
  3. Relax and let your success mechanism work for you. The subconscious mind is a very powerful force that can guide you to what you what if you let it do so. One of the most important conditions for your subconscious to do so is for you to relax and let it do its job.
  4. Acquire the habit of happiness. Happiness is not earned or deserved. It is a state of mind that you can learn to put your mind into.
  5. Unlock your real personality. Pretending to be someone you are not can be extremely stressful. By knowing who you are and what you enjoy, you can be more attractive to others, live your life more freely and be motivated by the things that really matter to you.


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