Motivation Is The Most Important Aspect Of Life When Your Goals Are Set

Motivation Is The Most Important Aspect Of Life When Your Goals Are Set

Motivation is the psychological push and pull required to achieve one's goals and objectives in life. Broadly speaking, this is the reason to live for an individual. This could be in different forms. You might be motivated to move towards your goal by an individual. This may be anyone in your family, or your neighbourhood, or even your country. Alternatively, you might be motivated towards your goal by your own self. The push might arise from an inner need for success or inner desire to do well in life or it might be simply to fend for your children.

Motivation might come from the speeches delivered by some orators. Centuries of human existence has left behind an equal number of orators and speakers who can motivate people to do things they would not normally do. This is what makes them great persons. Like George Washington and Barack Obama. These are people who motivated others to move towards a common goal.

Motivation is the basis of functioning of an organisation. All workers need ample amount of motivation to work well. With proper motivation, the output is always better and it is in greater quantity.

Motivation is the energy required to accomplish a task. Motivation is of three different kinds: positive, negative and neutral. Positive motivation pushes us to do our best and reach our goals. It pushes you to get a reward for your efforts. Negative motivation is the push one has for fear of punishment. In this case, it is not the reward that counts, but it is the punishment that one expects that pushes one to accomplish a goal.



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