How is Pittsburgh’s Power House changing women’s lives?

How is Pittsburgh’s Power House changing women’s lives?

Women are just as vulnerable as men to fall into a spiraling loop of addiction. Whatever the reasons for this, every woman deserves help. This is precisely what Pittsburgh's Power House strives for to change women's lives. 

Their Mission 

The Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER) is a non-profit organization that caters to women who have been found captive to drug addiction and substance abuse.  

Their mission statement reads that "POWER’s mission is to help women reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction to alcohol and other drugs and to reduce the incidence of addiction in future generations." They take it as their job to not only remove women from addiction but to insert them into activities that help fill up the void left by their dependence on harmful substances. 

What They Offer

The POWER House works to accomplish this mission through services tailored for women. The focus on the female population is based on their belief that through empowering women, they are cementing healthy families and a strong community.

Trauma services are an important part of POWER offers to women. There are a great number of women who are victims of violence at home. Priority is given to pregnant women. 

Services include:

• Screening & assessment
• Individual & group therapy, including expressive arts therapy 
• Psychiatric assessment & medication management
• Life skills development classes 
• Case management
• Support for 12-Step participation
• Aftercare & discharge planning
• Yoga, tai chi, and mindful meditation

Art is also a very important element of recovery and helps achieve success. Some women are engaged in not only producing the art but selling it to make an income. 

Through a partnership with the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth & Families (CYF) and Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC, POWER offers effective therapy services to women who are pregnant, homeless, victims of violence, or involved in the criminal justice system. 

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