Look at the mirror

Look at the mirror

Losing hope and will is normal! The important thing is to find them after you lost them. Actually, you don’t really lose them, you just think you do! This means you can ‘’recover’’ faster! The first thing that therapist or even friends are going to tell you is ‘’look other people, who are in worse situation than you!’’ I don’t like these comparisons, because it tells you that you are in some bad situation!

The much better solution is to look at your virtues and your possibilities. Think about your achievements in life. You probably finished school, worked somewhere, traveled, had a beautiful girlfriend or you are good at something. Don’t say that you are bad in everything, because we both know that isn’t true!

I recommend looking at the mirror! In your eyes, and try to see your success. Success will give you confidence, and it is linked to motivation and desire to progress! If you don’t want to try this, your excuse will be ‘’I am depressed’’. Most of you don’t know what depression is! You just read something on the internet or heard someone mentioning it. Believe me, depression is something much worse! I can prove it that you aren’t depressed! Simply get out of the bed and go out. Start running, yes, just running, for a 10 minutes, then return to your house and sit. Do the same thing tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and you will start feeling better. If you do this, it means you aren’t depressed! Running will improve your mood, so you will be able to continue living a successful life!

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