Using Your Worst Situation to Your Advantage

Using Your Worst Situation to Your Advantage

I know you are wandering what am trying to say or where am getting at because we both know no one like bad situation much less worse even the word itself is exhausting but dealing with bad situation is what we need to have a good situation.

Going to school getting good grades that’s good but when you’ve done all those and still find yourself jobless is a bad situation but then who said we can’t change that. My point is use your joblessness to make something good about it, joblessness should not necessarily need to be a bad thing. Since you are jobless you have enough time to think deep about yourself what you want in life and so on.

Can you just imagine if all of us were meant to work in the offices who will entertain us, who will serve us our meals and where will us get our food from? Just because you got good grades does not mean you need to be in an office environment maybe you don’t belong there and that’s why u never got a job, am not saying that you should quit your job just saying you should consider employing yourself and see how it will go, do something you like you will be inspired and also be patient.

If you look at the richest people in the world how they started you will now that hard work , patience and passion has favored them and also most of them had a humble beginning and most important they are self employed. I know being jobless or losing your job is hard but maybe that the beginning of your success.

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