How does lowering your cholesterol levels help you live a healthy life?

How does lowering your cholesterol levels help you live a healthy life?

Lowering your cholesterol should be high on the list of things to do to achieve a healthy life. The lifestyle changes you make to lower your cholesterol will help you achieve this. Lowering your cholesterol makes your medications more effective and will eventually take you off those meds altogether.  

Healthier Food, Healthier You

Choose to eat healthier fats and eliminating the harmful ones, like the fat that is found in red meat and dairy products. Eliminating these or at least decreasing the amount you consume daily or weekly will decrease your chances of suffering heart disease. Choosing heart-healthy foods will increase the "good" cholesterol and decrease the "bad" cholesterol in your body. 

Increasing your intake of whey proteins and soluble fiber will have the effect of enhancing your bowel movement and provide the heart benefits of fiber.  

Foods rich in Omega-3 have the benefit of increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein), which is good for your heart.  Omega-3 also helps reduce triglycerides and reduces blood pressure. 

No More Tobacco

Smoking is not only harmful to you but to those around you. When you quit smoking, the HDL (high-density lipoprotein or "good" cholesterol) may be increased.  But the benefits do not end there. 

Quitting smoking has other remarkable benefits on your overall health.  Your pressure and heart rate decrease, and within a year, your chances of suffering  a heart condition will have decreased by half. After 15 years, your risk of suffering a heart condition is that of a person who never smoked at all. 

Become More Physically Active

Aerobic physical activity can improve cholesterol.  Bringing physical activity into your life is a game-changer. Splitting some exercise sessions, even at intervals of 10 minutes can help you lose weight. Take it slow and make changes one at a time.  Once you get used to the workout, you can move on to being active all the time, which will improve your entire persona. 


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