If You Have Hyperopia, You Cannot Read A Newspaper Clearly, But Can See The Traffic Signs Clearly

If You Have Hyperopia, You Cannot Read A Newspaper Clearly, But Can See The Traffic Signs Clearly

Hyperopia is a condition when you cannot see things that are close by. It is also called farsightedness. Objects that are at a distance can be seen quite clearly, but those close-by are difficult to focus on. This is a common occurrence as one advances in age.

With age, the cornea get stiff and the ability of the eye to assimilate objects nearby as clearly as those far off is lost. This could be because of the stiffness of the cornea that occurs with age. The most common signs of hyperopia are problems in seeing things at close distances clearly. There is an increasing strain on the eyes as one tries to focus on an object nearby, like one has to while stitching or sewing. There may be fatigue or even a headache fostered by a continued focus on anything nearby like a book.

A comprehensive examination of the eyes is required for deduction of hyperopia. Common tests conducted in shops or outlets rarely ever detect the incidence of hyperopia. 

The treatment ideal for your case of hyperopia is decided by the lifestyle you subscribe to. Some people opt for eyeglasses and contact lenses to remedy an instance of hyperopia. This way, the beam of light entering the eye is first refracted through the lens in such a manner that it ends up on the cornea forming a clear image.

One can also opt for surgery to rectify hyperopia. This way, lenses and contact lenses are not required at all. If you plan to opt for a cataract surgery, you can even opt for rectifying your vision through the surgery.

The underlying reason behind hyperopia is generally related to genetic factors.


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