American Psychological Association’s advice to make changes stick.

American Psychological Association’s advice to make changes stick.

Every single New Year it is the same. People make resolutions and promises about how they will manage to keep their resolutions, only to have the hype wash away, and dreams shatter. But if the human mind is capable of making resolutions, then there must be a way to train the mind to learn how to stick to the changes we proposed. 

The American Psychological Association has some practical advice to help you stay on schedule not only for the first couple of weeks of the year but for the future. Here is what they say helps changes stick.

Start Small

Making changes is already a big event in itself.  People usually have the tendency to disconnect from reality when changes are taking place. The APA suggests that you begin your year by changing this habit.  Set yourself short-term goals that will give you a sense of achievement and the bravery to do more. 

One at a Time

You have made your list of things that you plan to change. If you actually plan on having any of them stick, then take one change at a time. Take it slowly or otherwise you might find yourself frustrated at not being able to complete one task 

Share your experiences

We are social beings, so share your experiences with your family and the friends you trust deeply. Joining a support group to talk about dreams and resolutions is actually a good idea. You will hear inspiring stories that make you look at things from a different perspective. 

Don't be Tough on Yourself

Stumbling along the way is perfectly normal and that is what makes us human. There probably is a road to perfection but we will most likely never get even close to it.   Don't give up because today you ate one doughnut. Just keep going and be successful the next day.     

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