Duff Beer to Finally Enter the Realm of Reality!

Duff Beer to Finally Enter the Realm of Reality!

True, there are any number of bootleg versions of Barney's beloved poison found all around the world, but you've got to admit you've always wondered what an official version would taste like. Well, your wish could easily fulfilled now, as Fox announced sales of its official duff beer this week. 

Where might one get some?
For now, Chile has been earmarked as Duff Country by Fox, although it's also being sold in the Simpsons theme park area within Universal Studios. Presumably, Chile was chosen for the popularity of bootleg Duff over there, or of the Spanish dubbed version of the show. Or, of course, both. The studio does, however, recognize the potential of expanding sales and is well aware of its fame, so you might well find Springfield's staple brew at a corner store eventually.     

What's it like?
According to a studio exec, the beer has been crafted by noted brewmaster Paul Farnsworth of Brew Hub, and described it as a refreshing “premium lager”, deep golden in color, with “a very good balance of flavor” that has a hint of fruit, and an aroma that hints at caramel. One gathers it may not quite be the cheap swill it's depicted as.

That Fox finally abandoned trying to fight the slew of unofficial brews and just get with it is turning out to be excellent news, both for ardent fans of the series as well as beer aficionados. Let's hope it gets a wider distribution soon enough.

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