Parents Can Play A Big Role In Shaping The Lifestyle Of A Teenager

Parents Can Play A Big Role In Shaping The Lifestyle Of A Teenager

Teenage is one of the most important stages in the life of an individual. This is the time when a lot of hormonal changes induce a lot of growth and for this growth, the body typically requires a lot of energy. Teenagers get this energy from the enormous appetite they develop, and usually, their diet doesn't seem to affect their figures. All the food they eat is digested and absorbed by the body.

It makes very little difference if your teenager is munching on a healthy diet if he or she is overdoing it. The diet should be rich in proteins and vitamins so they give your teenager a lot to grow up on. The extra calories ingested by your teenager are merely to supplement the tremendous growth he or she is going through.

Energy requirements of teenager boys differs from that of teenager girls. This should be borne in mind, and in case you have fraternal twins or some boys and girls very close to each other in terms of their ages, you are going to realize the truth of this yourself. Teenager boys need about 1,800-2,600 calories of energy, while girls of the same age need energy of 1,800-2,400 calories.

Make sure the teenager bites into a healthy diet. As long as he or she is getting a healthy diet, it makes very little difference how much he or she gets. The diet should have lots of protein and carbohydrates. Get some good and fresh fruits and vegetables for the hungry teenager to bite into.




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